disposable curtains

SaniSCREEN Disposable Curtains

Antimicrobial - Treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobial protection

Flame retardant - Meet British and American Flame retardant standards

Easy to use - The easier way to fit or replace a curtain in 60 seconds

100% Recyclable - Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene non woven

Curtain Width

The most common widths for cubicle are: 7.5m for long section, 4.5m for middle section. 2.5m and other sizes are available for different cubicles.

Curtain Drop

The most common drop for track suspended from ceiling is 2m. Extra drop with 10cm-80cm of mesh top for track fixed to ceiling to help meet fire codes by allowing light, water and air circulation.


One size fits all. The SaniSCREEN disposable cubicle curtains are designed to be fully compatible with most existing popular tracks meaning no inlays or new tracking is required.


We offer 6 top sell fresh and clean colors which suit most healthcare environments. (Other colors are available upon request, subject to quantity.)